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Number Forum member
677856 mrmincent's week 4 entry
071927 arcanemachine's bonus entry
342305 arcanemachine's week 4 entry
535442 mrmincent's bonus entry
477515 arcanemachine's bonus entry
915151 mrmincent's week 3 entry
811928 arcanemachine's week 2 entry
064517 arcanemachine's bonus entry
011997 Tarnage's week 2 entry
916606 arcanemachine's bonus entry
120009 arcanemachine's week 2 entry
933504 Tarnage's week 1 entry
673714 arcanemachine's bonus entry
222856 arcanemachine's week 5 entry

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May 02, 2024
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May 06, 2024
Condition: Like our annual update thread! (https://erlangforums.com/t/update/3194)

May 09, 2024
Condition: Follow @erlangforums and @erlang_org on Twitter!

May 12, 2024
Condition: Introduce yourself in our introductions thread!

May 17, 2024
Condition: Like and Retweet our Announcement!

May 20, 2024
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